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       June 11, 2011
       Wow, not even 2 weeks have passed & a lot has happened. We have a seminar scheduled in 2 weeks in Seguin for the
       entire weekend. A couple of those folks have already joined the Facebook - PFM page page so I'm sure there will be
       plenty of follow-up after. I've got some interest brewing for seminars north of Dallas and in the Austin area, just tonight
       had another inquiry for a seminar much closer to home. More people are noticing the You Tube PFM channel channel & a
       few more have subscribed while the list for the Tipsheet is growing. I sincerely appreciate everyone who has subscribed,
       liked us, is coming to a seminar or is trying to collect enough horses & people together to host one.
       One more note, my 'mule' folks; they attended Bishop Mules Days 2011, since I've been working their mules
       they've come to realize just how much they were missing and how much more they can do. I think i may have created a        monster! When they got home they handed me the program & said: We have a year to get 'em ready!
       I gotta say, there isn't anything that'll put a bigger smile on my face then that kind of confidence, & to think that just 6        months ago that wasn't even a consideration! Ciao for niao.

May 30, 2011
Looks like I haven't been here in awhile, doesn't mean things haven't been BUSY. Tthe site has been updated, we're altering our focus to enable us to work with many more people via seminars rather than singly one on one horse and owner. The idea here is to GET THE WORD OUT, that there is a much better wayto do things: it isn't the training, it's the how we get to understanding each other. Think about how hard it is for men to comprehend women and vice versa, imagine how our horses feel! We've been working more on that aspect of 'training' and the results are remarkable, which is why we're trying to get (more) horse handlers exposed to the art of understanding equine communication. It will have a profound effect on every aspect of your horse work and will actually subtly impact the rest of your world as well! There's a new article, (Library tab: The Real Nature of the Natural Horse), we're now on facebook & you might want to check out the pfm you tube channel with good educational training videos that will give a hint of what you'll get in a seminar. Stay tuned for what's next, check the training pages for upcoming events, and spread the 'love', like us, share us & stay tuned for newsletter and "inside the horse's mind" subscriptions.

October 2008

Extreme Mustang Makeover 2008 has come and gone. The best part was getting to meet Mark Lyon before he blew the lid off the show and won it hands down, he is unquestionably a master horseman and I hope to cross paths him again. As for my ‘mustang’, I would have liked to have more time with Iron Will. I think he had the makings of a good horse, but with his history that was not going to happen in 3 months.

Jazz (PFM All That Jazz) turned a real 2 in June. I still want to bring him in and see what a new radiograph shows in that joint. The infection in his pastern joint caused him to spend most of his first year in some form of confinement and/or pain. However with time, youth, my magic potions and more alternative therapies than you can shake a stick at, he seems to have come through it swimmingly. Only when you stop to really look can you see that one pastern is larger than the other because of the fusion of the joint, but I remain hopeful that it is nothing beyond cosmetic in its effect on him and he'll be able to race when he's old enough. In the interim, because he spent so much time hurting, his buoyant personality had really been squelched and he'd become very subdued. This past spring, since he was strong and healthy, I put him in a paddock alongside the irrepressible Prince and it has worked wonders. Jazz and Prince race each other up and down their lengthy runs. I may have created a monster here - Jazz has taken on many of his granddad’s attributes. He's haughty and self assured: basically, everything he was bred to be, apparently my horse psychology program worked. It's going to be interesting come next year when he begins his under saddle training.

I’m very happy with the progress of the thoroughbred runners. Interval conditioning takes a lot of time and patience: kudos to their owner for recognizing the importance of working through the program in its entirety in order to build not just competitive runners, but durable ones as well. We’ve got a filly for whom I have extremely high hopes; she should begin her racing career in late Dec or early Jan.



September 2008:

Hi everybody!! 

Well, we’re finally beginning our monthly New and News column.

Lots to catch up on, too much for one edition, so we'll get this started and add more news in the coming months.


Our New Colt and Filly

PFM is watching with pride and anticipation the progress of its two young’uns: a colt and a filly.

 In order to preserve the CMK line, we bred Prince to his daughter, Mettle.  The result of that breeding is a colt with attributes from 3 generations—that we know of.  He is colored and marked nearly identically to his dam, he has quirks from both his sire and his grand dam, Beau, and even a mark on his rump similar to one his uncle has!  What else could we name him but: PFM SumthingInTheHeir?!

 Our other “baby” was produced by breeding Prince to another mare: Ki (Aliyah Sweet Song).  We have high hopes for this one:  she’s bright, extraordinarily intelligent, athletic – everything I breed for--and she’s a looker.  Once again, the choice of name was obvious:   PFM’s Mrs Peel.  (Remember the Avengers?) 


In Training:

I have a client who wanted to own and race thoroughbreds – he came to me for the selection, purchase and training because he wanted them interval trained. 

 We’re working out of Retama just north of San Antonio, focusing on one colt and one filly.  The colt should get his first out before the fall meet ends, the filly is huge and high strung so I’ve been going slowly with her, she should be ready to run by Nov/Dec time frame. 



And last but by no means least:  I am one of 200 trainers from across the country selected to compete in the 2008 Extreme Mustang Makeover. 

The BLM hands you a fresh off the range, newly gelded 4yo mustang. 100 days later you show up at the Will Rogers Coliseum in Ft. Worth to compete and see who’s best in each of 3 divisions.  This year the competition will be held Sept 19, 20; then on the 21st the horses are auctioned off. 

Fortunately, I entered the middle division because the horse I drew, which I have since named Iron Will, has proven to be quite a challenge.  He’s come a long way from the killer he was when he arrived, but  I have serious doubts about his being ready for top level competition in the time remaining.


And that’s it for now.


Y’all come back now, hear?




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