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So what all goes on here?

All training at PFM is conducted exclusively by & with Cyd Birns. This is important because it means that every interaction is with purpose, intent & always with the pro; not a trainee, apprentice or stable hand. Therefore, bookings are limited & reservations are encouraged so you don't find yourself or your steed at the end of a long waiting list.

Horses come to PFM for re-education, initial under saddle training, & working out issues.
Horses do not return home until their humans are re-educated, trained & get their issues worked out too. After all, if the horse and their human aren't speaking the same language then all the work Cyd has done is gone with the wind.

Cyd handles evaluations, consultations & facilitations at PFM or she can travel to where you & your horse(s) are located. In addition to horses and handlers, Cyd assists other professional horsemen & women. Troubles within your barn? Whether they're with horses, employees, clients, or accomplishing an objective: Cyd's creativity & outside the box thinking have brought simple solutions to seemingly impossible situations.

Trail/obstacle work is available ALL the time: Why wait for a clinic to get you & your horse spun up for the trail or the class at the next show? Call now (830-372-5762) to schedule an hour, half or full day sessions.

NEW in 2011: Seminars: Your horses aren't "whispering" they're SCREAMING.
These are not clinics, they are classes conducted with real horses and their people, designed for everyone who attends to learn the art and interpretation of what horses are saying that humans never 'hear'.  You will be completely amazed at how much has been going on that you were unaware of, & how simply learning to understand them literally melts away issues that would otherwise require a trainer's intervention!
Contact Cyd when you are ready to host a seminar at your barn or to bring your group to PFM for a day or weekend of education, enlightenment & entertainment.

Coming late summer 2011: exhibitions of Garrocha by PFM Stallions All That Jazz & Calypso
What is Garrocha? Check out this PFM trained horse under saddle 5 weeks and worked on the garrocha for 10 days:


Was there something that wasn't addressed? That doesn't mean we don't handle it, just get in touch & we'll let you know if it's in our repertoire.

Remember, at PFM we don't BREAK horses!

we don't break  horses trademark

Why would anyone ever want to BREAK a horse?

What is it that draws us to horses? Their beauty?  You bet. Their usefulness?  Sure. But it is much more than that: they embody the very essence of nobility in grace, & then there is that indomitable spirit; the spirit & nobility that we as humans have always recognized & want to be part of, and that  is what we here at PFM seek to nourish, not 'break'.

Nature built horses to be communal animals. Survival in the wild depends upon their ever evolving, close knit communities, with subtle, yet distinct communication skills: we all employ those skills, but for humans it’s a lost art. It's called Body Language.
And it's been heroically ignored by 'horse trainers' for centuries. We have mounted horses, burdened them, raced them, bred them, used & abused, we even eat them. The list of services which we have & still do require of them is long, & more often than not, completely contrary to their instincts. Think 'battle horse', for example; heck, how about just stabling one! Yet rarely have we understood them.

Here, at PFM, we do understand them. For more than twenty five years we have learned from our horses as we worked with them. We don't call it natural horsemanship: there is nothing natural about some of the things we ask of a horse, starting with carrying a predator (yes, us) on its back, and often into situations it would prefer to run out of. In fact we don't use catch phrases or buzz words at all. What we do is communicate, and that goes in two directions. It works.

Here we feel it is our responsibility to make the 'hostile' world understandable to the horse. Education. Once that's been accomplished, we then work with the human, helping the owner (or rider or handler) to understand how the horse perceives us.

Our perception is our reality.  It is no different for the horses.

We deal with all horses & all problems.  A young horse that's ready to start 'training', horses that have been deemed dangerous, impossible, unreclaimable or one that's "rideable but…" (side bar here – that line is my ‘favorite:’  I ride my horse all the time, but – fill in whatever minor or major horror story you can think of to follow that line.  Let me explain something to you, if there is a BUT following the verb, big clue:  your pony is NOT rideable!) Stallions are only one of our specialties; re-education of is another.

Whatever your chosen discipline, your horse will receive a solid foundation that will enable it to go on to any upper level of work or competition as a steady, eager, and willing participant. If you feel you and your horse aren't working well together, or could be working better together, you need: PFM.
SOME of what’s available at PFM, with Cyd

  • Seminars in understanding the language of the horse
  • Facilitating better communication between horse and handler, rider, owner, groom…..
  • Training horses – foundation training, fixing stuff, garrocha
  • Trail/obstacle work
  • Conditioning for endurance or track
  • Consulting: farm/ranch/barn, pre-purchase, training to name just a few
  • Garrocha exhibitions for your event (available late 2011)

If we didn’t list what you’re looking for, call/email – most likely our answer will be:  YES WE CAN.

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