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The medical science of 'like curing like', known as Homeopathy (home-ee-ah--pathy) is
applicable to any condition for which one might visit a medical doctor. So: what is different about homeopathy? First and foremost, the primary concern of the homeopathic practitioner is to address the underlying cause of pain and discomfort rather than find something to make the patient feel better. In other words, we don't dispense aspirin for the headache; we seek the cause of the headache and the cure.
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Bach Flower Remedies
The Bach flower essences are used to restore emotional balance. These english remedies are flowers which have been potentized in the same way that homeopathic remedies are; the difference being that while homeopathy primarily addresses the physical body, and considers the entire individual in its remedy picture, the flower formulas are designed primarily for dealing with the mind. While there is unquestionably overlap in each genre--certain homeopathic remedies may be used to address mental and emotional issues, while some of the Bach remedies do have curative aspects in the physical body--that is more the exception than the rule.
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Biolights, Bioscan, Biopack. The Bioscan system is a two part unit comprised of the BioFind and the Biopack. The Biofind is a diagnostic tool that employs the use of a rake type wand which is 'dragged' across the body of the horse. This scanning reveals areas of tissue compromise by reading its relative conductance. With the BioFind we can pinpoint areas that require attention due to injury, overuse, or disease.
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Pureform Supplements. Pureform offers an extensive line of superior equine nutritional supplements. PFM Enterprises is pleased to be able to make available to our clients the products that we use ourselves. After you have visited our Pureform page , please do not hesitate to e-mail or call us with any questions or to place an order.
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