my achin' joints....

believe me when i say i KNOW how that feels; here i am, riding horses and fixen' fence wondering how in the heck i was going to go on when i could barely walk. i knew all about supplementing joints for the horses but i wasn't doing such a great job finding something that would help me. It isn't as if training horses has a great health plan, and i haven't had a 'regular doctor' that i can recall in my adult life.
i had tried several different supplements over the course of a year or more, i was not improving, in fact i was getting more concerned because things were actually getting worse, heck, it was getting painful to drive or sit, let alone use the subtle seat cues i needed to work a well schooled horse. i'd been doing a lot of research and i already had a good idea what ingredients were best for healing joints but the big alteration was the delivery system, i went liquid. That did the trick.!

i do not recommend products that i have not personally tried or worked with....
in about 30-45 days the pain in my hip joints was gone. a friend asked me for a recommendation, i'd been unable to give her one until i tried Flexicose. in about 30 days, she too was feeling no pain. with that i figured i've got a product i can stand behind, so i am now an affiliate and you can order the flexicose products through this link. i won't repeat all the info that's on the Flexicose site, here's some info you'll want that isn't there.

First, there are 2 human formulations, Flexicose and Flexicose Plus. the 'bad' news is that the Flexicose tastes like medicine i used to get when i was a kid, i couldn't stand that stuff so i'd be lying if i said Flexicose tasted great, it doesn't, but you can mix it with pretty much anything you want or just use a chaser. the good news is the Flexicose Plus is a stronger formulation and it's made with stevia, a natural sweetener, for me it's a lot easier to swallow. literally.
and, for the critters, they have pet Flexicose and pet Flexicose Plus. it's good for dogs, cats and horses. if i see anyone around here getting achey, i won't have to look around to know what i'm going to use.

that's pretty much it in a nutshell, the link will take you to the main site where you can check the details of the ingredient lists, if you've got pets you can see how long a bottle will last depending on the size of the critter, and of course the pricing. i'm not one to belabor issues and i can't think of much else to say, if you have any questions about the product shoot me an email or call me, i'll tell you what i know or i'll find out for you. i don't much sell stuff, but when i find something that's good, i tell my friends, family and clients about it, and that's pretty much what i'm doing here. you can't buy Flexicose anywhere except from the folks who developed and sell it, OR through an affiliate of theirs, which is why i asked if i could be one. oh - one of the nearly unbelievable things about Flexicose.......FREE SHIPPING!

here's my suggestion, get 2 bottles to try it out and see if it works for you. if it does, then go with one of the shipping plans. i didn't want to lock into anything without trying it first because i'm a skeptic so that's what i did. you do want 2 bottles to start out because the first 2 weeks you double dose - it's a loading phase and that's normal, i've been supplementing race horse joints for many years and that's just how you do it. once you get through the 2 week loading then you go to a regular dose, so a bottle lasts a month.

good luck and please let me know how it works for you!
better yet, post it to the pfm facebook page!



These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA); accordingly, this product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Please consult with your licensed healthcare provider if you have any questions regarding the health benefits of natural products and nutritional supplements.




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