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Homeopathy is not new age medicine. It is the principal of "like cures like" accomplished by stimulating the body and its innate memory and desire to cure itself by using something in an energy state is similar to the symptoms exhibited. In a greater amount that is used for a homeopathic cure it would actually create the condition the patient is experiencing. For example, if you have a swelling that resembles what you’d experience after being stung by a bee, the remedy apis which is from the honeybee, would be prescribed. In a homeopathic potency the body recognizes the message that there’s a bee sting to be dealt with and mobilizes the body to defend itself appropriately. If given often enough, the remedy apis would create that condition – it wouldn’t be injurious or dangerous, it would be what is called a proving – proving that in it’s original state, this is what the remedy ‘is’. Understand that this is an extremely simplified explanation of the basics of what homeopathy is.

Some of the reasons for using homeopathy instead of or in conjunction with western or allopathic medicine is because homeopathy is intended to cure whereas allopathy is intended to suppress symptoms. When you take an aspirin you block the receptors causing pain, (the pain being a message that something’s wrong) and you feel better. You did not ‘cure’ the headache. In homeopathy, the type of headache would be considered (throbbing, aching, piercing) where it’s located (top of head, base of neck, behind the eyes) and the type of person/body type afflicted (short and squat, long and lean, pale, robust, chills easily or prefers the cold) are all aspects that are considered before prescribing a remedy. This is important because it completely encompasses every person as an individual and all ailments and their symptoms as individual as the patient whereas traditional western medicine uses the same prescription for everyone that shows similar symptoms. We know that this doesn’t work because there are many cases where one medicine ‘worked’ for one person but not another. The other problem with western medicine is that suppression issue. In homeopathy, we wonder if the constant suppression of symptoms with no real cure doesn’t ultimately help create some of the new seemingly incurable diseases that are cropping up nearly daily.
In situations where western medicine is undoubtedly required – for instance, a surgery, homeopathy is still a viable course of medicine in support of the surgery, to prevent infection and to assist in faster recovery and healing.

In our western way of living we’ve come to a place where we expect things to happen and we expect them to happen fast. So the advent of allopathy and it’s continued practice remains foremost because Americans particularly can’t stand to wait – so when something hurts, they want it to stop…NOW, the problem is that when the hurting goes away, we presume the problem has gone away and that is as far from the truth as can be imagined, in actuality, this is a pretty destructive practice. But it prevails, because patience isn’t something we seem to have any stock in. Homeopathy is a process. In acute situations, (a fever) it is obvious that the practitioner has found the correct remedy and potency because the result will be apparent in anything from minutes to 24 hours. However, in chronic situations, it takes time to cure, so the changes that take place are slow and subtle, often times quite a while has passed before the patient sets up realizing that whatever ailed him doesn’t seem to be a problem any longer, this could take days, weeks even months, depending on how deep and how chronic the condition was. This requires: patience. In addition, for deeply seated, chronic or complex problems it may take some time for a practitioner to determine the course of action to take. In most cases, a new patient will need to allot 1-2 hours for a practitioner to take a history. In homeopathy, EVERYTHING is relevant, so you will be going over your medical and emotional history for your entire life! Depending on your reason for seeing a homeopath you may not receive a remedy for a a few days – recall that everything is considered in choosing a remedy so a practitioner may know right away which remedies to look at, but there may 3 or 4 or several more to consider, which means going over the individual aspects of each remedy to see how well they match to the individual AND the symptoms they will be prescribed for. This is again difficult for Americans – we’re used to the doc reaching into his samples cabinet or writing something on his prescription pad, immediately.

I reiterate, this is a VERY basic overview of what homeopathy is. I turned to homeopathy after being thoroughly frustrated with treatments for mystery ailments for myself, my family and my animals. I got very tired of lots of shrugged shoulders while spending a ton of money to get nothing. I was also subject to more than a years worth of misdiagnosis and very nearly losing my life all due to a prescribed medicine that I was taking that was actually causing the problem! But the doctors never did figure it out – I did. When I turned to homeopathy I stopped receiving vaccinations and stopped giving them to my animals. Lo and behold, I actually stopped getting sick and the conception and foaling rates in my mares went to 100% within a year of that change. These experiences are entirely empirical and entirely my own but I’ve been able to affect changes that no one (medically speaking) thought possible.
I have been able to run side by tests just to ‘see’ – one summer was a particularly bad one for some of the PFM felines. One came in one evening looking as if she may been kicked by a horse – her face was all blown up, I thought it was perhaps a broken jaw. The diagnosis was inconclusive, we were sure though the jaw wasn’t broken, so the standard medicine was a course of antibiotics. Within 24 hours, another cat came in showing identical symptoms, evidently there was something out that was interesting to the cats but not happy about receiving their company. So I knew I was dealing with a bite or sting of some variety with the second cat I dealt with it homeopathically. That cat exhibited no signs or symptoms of its ‘alien’ encounter within 24 hours. The cat on traditional treatment took more than a week to fully recover. That’s just one single example of what I’ve seen firsthand and why I embrace the practice and have become a practitioner myself.

Something I need to make clear – I can legally work with people in finding appropriate homeopathic treatments for what ails them. I realize I’ve given examples using my animals – however, I am not a veterinarian and the law is clear and specific about prescribing to animals, in other words, only a veterinarian may prescribe treatments for animals. One is not required to be a medical doctor to practice homeopathy but one must be a veterinarian (and then learn homeopathy) before they may prescribe to critters. Since these animals are my own, I can treat them, and work with my veterinarians when determining appropriate courses of action. Reluctant as some may have been initially, as the years have progressed and recoveries that were unlikely at best have turned into ‘miracles’ they have come to acknowledge that perhaps it isn’t hooey after all, and these days they tell me to do whatever it is I do to help make it work.
So, if you’re having a problem with headaches or anything else you might want to address in a natural way with a practice that’s hundreds of years old, contact me.

If you would like to do the same with your animals, feel free to contact me for assistance in locating a homeopathic veterinarian.

Now, if you would like to address emotional, mental and/or behavioral issues for a person OR a pet – that practice is not limited. Please turn to the Bach Flower page for that information.



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