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Bioscan with Biolights

The Bioscan system is a two-part unit comprised of the BioFind and the BioPack.
The BioFind is a diagnostic tool that employs the use of a rake type wand that is 'dragged' across the body of the horse. This scanning reveals areas of tissue compromise by reading its relative conductance. With the BioFind we can pinpoint areas that require attention due to injury, overuse or disease.

The BioPack uses LEPT (Low Energy Photon Therapy) or LLLT (Low Level Light Therapy) delivered through visible and infra-red light emitting diodes. Lots of big words, I know, but here's the gist of it all in my opinion:   It works.  Bioscans help improve performance, reduce injuries and heal injuries faster.

This technology was developed back in the 60's and the advent of the LED made this therapy available at a much lower cost, with much greater efficacy because the LEDs allowed for the concentration of power at even higher outputs then was previously achievable. This in turn allows for an equal or greater amount of energy to be applied to the injured area in much less time - increasing efficiency as well.
It should be noted that while there are hundreds of veterinarians and a great deal of evidence attesting to the efficacy of the photon therapy is has not been given 'official' approval by any certifying US institution therefore it remains classified as experimental. This of course does not negate the positive results that have been achieved with its use and application.

So we know that it works, but the how remains a bit of a mystery. If you really want some of those details check -A Guide to Low Energy Photon Therapy by Gerald Cartier. You can also review product info on the Bioscan website.

Bioscan can and has been used in general area work - injuries, wounds, infections, and it works in the same way acupuncture works - in other words it can be applied to specific acupuncture points for point and meridian work. The BioPack has seven levels of light stimulation that reach to varying depths from skin/surface level all the way to the bone, there are frequencies for sedating and frequencies for stimulation, all depending on what and how a condition should be treated.

The Bioscan system of therapy has been embraced by many in different venues of the world of performance horse including the racing industry both thoroughbred and standardbred, dressage, show jumping, and more. The bottom line here is that all horses can benefit from this system, not only for injuries or conditions already sustained, but as a preventative measure. Several race trainers have their horses scanned and treated prior to a race and have reported better performance, fewer injuries and quicker recoveries.

Have questions about this product?  Want to explore ways we can help you improve communication and conditioning of your horse using Bioscan therapies?   Just call or write us here at the ranch.


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