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Bach Flowers

These English remedies are potentized flowers - potentized in the way homeopathic remedies are; the difference being that while homeopathy addresses primarily the physical body and considers the entire individual in its remedy picture, the flower formulas are designed primarily for dealing with the mind. While there is unquestionably overlap in each genre (certain homeopathic remedies may be used to address mental and emotional issues while some of the Bach remedies do have curative aspects in the physical body) that is generally not how the two are designed for their primary purpose.

So the Bach flower essences are where to turn to restore emotional balance no matter what caused the imbalance, whether it's a sudden onset, has been around for a long time, is from a known situation or you haven't the foggiest notion as to why you 'feel' the way you do.

The beauty of the flower essences is that they can be safely used on all people, and all ages. And, these remedies bring about remarkable results with animals as well! For instance, I met a woman who was at her wits end with 2 cats. She and the veterinarian had been through every known behavior modification therapy he knew of, therapies that included things like hormone therapy and I honestly don't even know what all else. It didn't make a dent - the 'new' cat was still attacking the older, first cat, and if they couldn't figure something out, she was going to be forced to euthanize the newcomer. I handed her a card, told her to make sure the vet knew she would be coming to me (to ensure he understood I wasn't stealing his patients) and then give me a call. The vet had no problem as he was out of ideas, and this particular work does not fall under the exclusive purvue of veterinarians as this is addressing the mind, emotions and behavior.  Physical problems had been ruled out as a cause for this cats' behavior. We did a consult over the phone, I went through a list of questions for each cat, and then derived a personalized formula for each. Because the cats could not be left together safely at all, there was a bit of training/behavior modification work in this situation as well but the end result was that after months and months with disastrous results, within about 30 days the cats were freely roaming their home with no aggressive behavior. This was a long standing and complicated case so there was a follow up consult and a change to the formulas for each cat, but now, a year or more later, there is no trouble, and of course their owner is ecstatic.

This is but a single and typical result of what can be achieved with animals. I have had similar success with my people patients as well. Most recently I helped a friend come off and detox from several prescription medications for everything from an inability to sleep and attention deficit disorder to depression. This was a very difficult situation and she came to stay with me for 3 weeks mostly so I could observe her daily - I changed her formula about 4 times in 3 weeks but she left here a new woman free of the drugs and completely able to run herself and her life.

Note: There are flower essences from other countries as well, including Australia and South America. For my practice, I haven't found a need to expand into inclusion of those as the Bach flower family has thus far more then covered the issues and dilemmas my clients and patients have presented, and for the most part, they address the same concerns so inclusion of them would be in many instances, redundant.

The flower remedies are taken daily until the desired balance is achieved at which point you take them less and less often until you no longer need them at all because you are able to maintain balance without them. The flowers are not habit forming so addiction is simply not a possibility, and there is just no way to cause any type of overdose as is very possible with most pharmaceuticals.

Truly - if you have difficulty focusing, if you've just not ever gotten over the loss of a loved one, if you've suffered any kind of shock, trauma, long term illness, or if your kids or critters have any similar issues, are having difficulty learning or retaining things, if you think there's a problem but aren't sure it can be addressed with the flowers, get in touch with me, I'll tell you if we can help or not, and if I don't think we can help, I'll sure try and point you in the best direction to get the assistance you or your loved ones need.

Initial consultation-1 hour…....$165
Initial consult > 1 hour/hr…...….$55
First (personalized) remedy....…$45
Follow up consultations/hour....$65
Remedy Refills…………………...… ..$35


I have some custom PFM formulas that have been developed for use with cats:

Aggression - for aggressive behavior - picking fights, no tolerance of others

Victim - for the timid cat that almost seems to invite trouble by constantly
running away and making themselves a target

Blues - generally depressed, lack of interest in life, loss of normal kitty

No Hope - designed for the cat suffering from a long term illness, they're
tired of the 'good' fight, appear to have given up and have lost
their appetite

Spraying - this is one of the biggest problems owners of multiple cats have
to deal with and truly the best answer for eliminating the
problem is to have fewer cats. I've tried all kinds of things
myself, this particular blend has had the best results for me
despite the multiple cat in too small a space problem.


Available in ½, 1 or 2 oz bottles $25, $30, $35 shipped to you in U.S.
Everything mixed fresh per order

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